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What is your turnaround time?

In my contracts, I give myself 2 weeks for a couple of sessions and up to 4 weeks for weddings & Elopements.

Do you give out RAW unedited images?

Nope. A photographer is so SO much more than a camera - lenses or edits. We put so much soul into our work ; if you pick me to capture your day - it's gotta be the whole package! 

Where are you based? Do you ever travel for shoots?

YES! YES. YES .Um, can I say yes enough!?
I am currently based on the Oahu, HAWAII - I love to travel every chance I get and weddings & elopements are no different! Now - do I travel internationally? Heck yes! Travel is a passion of mine and I would love nothing more than to capture your special day as well as making it an adventure! 

We don't feel like we are THAT adventurous - would you still be a good fit for us?

Guys - I get it, I would actually not consider myself the most active person, I love to hike but I for sure get tired a lot. So if you feel like an overnight camping trip isn't your jam, it's ok! We can rent a Jeep to get to the mountain top and stay at an AirBnB for the night before to get us ready for a hot air balloon ride the next day. Point is - your day is about what YOU feel like doing. So whether it's a couple of hours hiking or a nice stroll along the ocean, we will make it an adventure!

How many photos do you include?

It depends on the package that is being purchased.
I do guarantee around 75 photos per 1 hour of coverage. But since I give you all your photos it usually ends up being between 90-120 per hour shot.

What if we need to cancel / reschedule our shoot?

Two options :
1) Act of god scenario in which case a new date will be set up, agreed upon by both parties.
2) If cancelled by any other reason - I require a 10% additional deposit to reserve a new date.

How does covering travel expenses work ?

I ACTUALLY SHIP FOR FREE! Any wedding and elopement pricing includes my travel fees. For Couples sessions, a flat travel fee is applied :)

Don’t even worry about it!! Overcast skies can make for some incredible pictures! If we can find just one porch or covered area we are golden! If it is likely to rain on your wedding day. I will do some extra scouting to make sure you’re covered. Get it?! Covered?! But really, don’t stress - we will get through it together!

What if there is bad weather?